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Receding Hairline can put Politicians in Hairy Situation

John Cafferty

” Political candidates with good hair have a much better chance of being elected than candidates with bad hair, whether either of them knows anything about the issues.”- John Cafferty, CNN

In a recent op-ed piece by the, longtime ,CNN political commentator, Cafferty, looked at the value voters place on  the physical appearance of political candidates. This should not come as a surprise to any but it may to some. According to Cafferty, a 2010 MIT study published in the  journal “World Politics” shows that people vote for politicians just because they “look the part.”

YUP! Voters will  cast a ballot for someone simply because they look smart, competent or attractive.

According to the study the idea that voters will use the way candidates look to help them determine whom to vote for, is not just an American phenomenon.

” In their study, more than 600 participants in the United States and India were shown pictures of candidates in 120 Mexican and Brazilian races. Then they were asked who would do a better job in office.”

According to the researchers, “Ever since Aristotle, people have written about the concern that charismatic leaders who speak well and look good can sway votes even if they do not share the people’s views.”

Here is Cafferty’s take on this idea:

” The fact that voters across the world in the 21st century, with all the problems we face, could be exercising their democratic right based on nothing more than good hair or a nice smile is downright frightening.”

What do you think? Is it indeed a scary thought that looks play such an important role in democracy?

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Read my story in the CT Mirror Blog!


Hello Fashion and Political lovers,

Today I am proud to say, a story that I have been working on for the last two weeks  was picked up the the Connecticut Mirror to be featured on its Blog. After attending the 3rd US Senatorial Debate between Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal, I felt compelled to write a story that focused on the tumultuous political atmosphere this elections season. The behavior I witnessed at the debate is one mirrored throughout the country. As Tuesday November 2nd rapidly approaches, let us not forget that despite how angry or confused we are about the state of the economy and other issues  we face, we should always respect those in office and find ways to disagree without being disagreeable.

CHECK OUT MY STORY to see how the political atmosphere this season can impact voters all around our country.

Raucous campaign leaves voters skeptical

VOTE its your right and responsibility!


The Clintion vs Palin School of FAshion

IS  there a prototypical uniform all women seeking political office must adopt in order to be taken seriously? The “Thursday Styles” section of the October 21 New York Times featured an article that explored how female candidates , and voters, view public Image. In the article “, The Fashion Conservatives,” by Ruth La Ferla the showdown between curve-embracing femininity and traditional corporate- inspired masculinity is one where those with a more conservative approach have an edge, conservative fashion sense that is.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin embarces femininity

” On their own stream- or perhaps at the suggestion of a battery of campaign advisers – the majority of candidates are retreating as they have for decades, to the relative safety of an anodyne uniform. Understated to a fault, its chief components are a formless suit, flat or low-heeled shoes and a noncommittal hairstyle. It’s a brusquely masculine image tempered occasionally by a strand of pearls and dainty, never dangly, earrings (the latter deemed too distracting for television cameras).”- Ruth La Ferla

Sarah Palin rocks knee-high boots curve hugging pencil skirts

When Sarah Palin made her national debut as a Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008, she introduced a new kind of fashion to the political arena. One where tailored pants suits, sensible shoes  and short coifs were replaced with designer duds, knee-high boots and bouncy shoulder length locks. Though many candidates have followed her lead and opted for this  more modern look, most have taken their fashion cues from ” smartly tailored” role models like Hilliary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Ironically  the candidates embracing the more conservative look are the deep blue liberal where as the deep red conservatives are enthusiastically embracing the “Palin look.” Republican candidates like Niki Haley of South Carolina and Christine O’Donnell of Delaware as well as Carly Fiorina, who has a chic style all her, have opted for  fashion pieces that accentuate there femininity and makes a the statement, ” I’m a woman with a passion for politics and fashion.”

Secretary Hillary Clinton embraces chic conservative fashion

That is not to say the Democrats are any less fashion oriented than their Republican counterparts. That’s quite the contrary, though the Dems prefer the more conservative ,tailored look they too set fashion trends that many women try to emulate in boardrooms and corporate offices all over the country. The look that says “, don’t I make corporate chic look oh so g00d?”


Which politician would you want to date?

According to a poll conducted by  Zoosk, an online dating site. The most “datable” politicians were a mix that included the tall, dark and handsome as well as  brains and beauty queens.  Zoosk polled 1,000 singles about politics and love to find out which politicians they thought were the most datable .

For anyone that follows politics some of the findings were not particularly surprising, others…well…Ill just have you judge for yourself.



Mayor Gavin Newsome, San Francisco


Gavin Newsome, the mayor and 2010 Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California, was deemed the most datable. The tall ,( 6′ 3″) handsome former college baseball player received 33 percent of the female vote.  The [gorgeous] mayor is known for his accomplishments in office as well as…uhh…  other activities.

“After only 36 days as mayor, Newsom gained worldwide attention when he granted marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This bold move set the tone for Newsom’s first term. Under his energetic leadership, the economy grew and jobs were created. The city became a center for biotech and clean tech. He initiated a plan to bring universal health care to all of the city’s uninsured residents. And Newsom aggressively pursued local solutions to global climate change.”- City and County of San Fransisco, Mayor’s Office


Mayor Gavin Newsome


After his divorce, Newsom was forced to publicly admit in 2006 that he had an affair with his campaign manager’s wife. The woman had disclosed the infidelity to her husband, who had also served as Newsom’s deputy chief of staff. In a press conference admitting to the affair, Newsom also said he was getting treatment for alcohol abuse.” Katie Pickert, Time reporter

#2. Mr. President


President Barack Obama


The Zoosk poll ranked the “”hottie with a smokin’ little body,””, as he was described by Luann Haley of Buffalo NY on a visit to the town in  May, as the 2nd most datable politician with 24 percent of the votes.

#3 Sexy Senator??


Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass


The junior senator was ranked 3rd in the Zoosk poll with 15 percent of the vote as the most datable politician Brown, a tea-party favorite who won the seat that once belonged to longtime Massachusetts Senator, Ted Kennedy, was once a ” America’s Sexiest Man” centerfold for Cosmopolitan Magazine in June 1982.


Sen. Scott Brown Cosmo Spread June 1982


Rounding of the Zoosk poll of most datable politicians were California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger with 14 percent and former senator and presidential candidate, John Edwards at 5 percent. Not sure how that happened I personally don’t find anything particularly appeal about either men…well I like Edwards hair. It’s quite geometrically portioned…

What do you think? Do you agrees with the Zoosk poll? Who do you think is the most datable politician?

**Stay tuned for the Zoosk most datable politician poll…Women edition


SEXY…The”Mad Men” inspired style of members of Congress


"Mad Men"


The 4th season of AMC’s hit series, “Mad Men” will wrap on on Oct. 17th  The drama, written and directed by Mathew Weiner, won 13 Emmys and  four Golden Globes, since it began airing in 2007. The show features a ridiculous cast of  eye candy…uhhh …actors , both male and female, as well as smart, riveting dialogue that leaves viewers wanting more.

“Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama Mad Men follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell.”- “Mad Men”

But it is the sophisticated wardrobe in “Mad Men” that has made the greatest impact on  viewers. The 60’s inspired style has been replicated by fashion designers and showcased on mannequins in retail stores from the premiere the series’s premiere and continues to influence fashion lovers and even politicians.


" Mad Men" cast


No other place embodies the ” Mad Men” style  than on Capitol Hill. The “Hill” already known to be a sophisticated fashion hub has embraced the trends- pinstripes, fedoras, cuff-links, and tailored shirts.

Of the fashionable ” Mad Men” inspired dressers on Capitol Hill,online news magazine, named House Minority leader , John Boehner, the most “dapper of them all.” The Ohio native, also known for his “golden tan”, was elected to the US Congress in 1991 and has served the citizens of his state ever since. Boehner,oddly enough, share more than just his taste in duds with the cast of ” Mad Men,” his deep voice and no-nonsense demeanor especially resembles that of the show’s protagonist, Don Draper, played by John Hamm.


Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio


” Not only does Boehner’s sartorial taste echo that of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce founding partner [Don Draper], but the two also share baritone voices, perfectly placed hair, and a cool, steady swagger. They both smoke and enjoy a good drink. And they both know how to get things done. Not surprisingly, reporters have increasingly relied on the likeness between the two in trying to capture the essence of the Republican congressman.”-

Like the show’s main character, Boehner , it seems,  prides himself on a clean cut apperance. featured a slew of direct quotes from reporters that have also taken notice of Boehner’s ” Mad Men’ inspired taste in fashion.

From the Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Boehner, a sharp dresser with a two-pack-a-day habit, sometimes gets referred to around Capitol Hill as Don Draper.”

From Associated Content: “If Boehner were not a politician and instead, say, worked for an ad agency, he would be Don Draper.”

From Politics Daily: “Boehner has been compared on Capitol Hill to … the darkly handsome — and also nicotine-addicted — Don Draper.”

From Newsweek: “Is Rep. John Boehner an empty suit — a sharp suit, to be sure, one Don Draper might wear — or is there more there?”

From theWashington Examiner: “His blue eyes, trim hair and mahogany voice draw comparison with Don Draper.”

Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill, the youngest member of Congress, is  also recognized for his ” Mad Men” inspired sense of fashion. The young ,handsome, congressman’s style is  a blending of hip and sophistication that and brings together the charm of the 60’s with the crisp and sleek modern look of the 21st century.


Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill


Another politician who shares the sense of fashion ,and even a slight resemblance to one of the cast members , of the “Mad Men” cast and depending on the out come of the US Senate race in Florida, might be joining the cast of Congress in November, is  Gov. Charlie Crist.


Charlie Crist


Crist resembles, in fashion  and physical features, Roger Sterling, a Partner in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Ad Agency, played by John Slattery.


John Slattery as Roger Sterling - " Mad Men"



Gulf oil spill seeps into Fashion

The British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 2o, 2010, was recognized as the worst spill in U.S. history, over- taking the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill off the coast of Prince William Sound, Alaska.The country watched,helplessly, as millions of barrels of oil poured into the ocean and  contaminated the fragile ecosystem of Louisiana’s marshes. The spill, which was widely reported to be a result of  “negligence and wilful misconduct” on the part of the multi-billion dollar company, killed 11 men who worked aboard the Deep Horizon oil tanker ,which explosion lead to the  country’s biggest environmental disaster to date.


Deepwater Horizon


Though the oil has been capped for months the effects of the spill will linger for years. Many environmental activist groups like Greenpeace and the National Wildlife Federation are working tirelessly to keep the public’s attention on the spill and the future dangers it presents.  Fashion designers from around the world have also found ways to keep the spill on the minds of the public. With oil-themed creations from oil stained shoes and dresses to T-shirts with strong messages about the  disaster and the danger it poses to wildlife. Fashion is once again stepping into the political arena the only way it knows how, making a statement.


Bed Stü's Oil Spill Collection


Bed Stü, a high-end shoe maker based in Brooklyn, used the spill as an inspiration to create limited edition faux oil-stained “Gulf Coast Cleanup Shoes,” which will debut in November. American Fashion designer,  designed T-shirst ( retailed at $35) that read “I clean up well. Support the Gulf.  The word “well” is covered in oil.


Kenneth Cole Gulf spill inspired T-shirt


The most creative fashion inspired oil spill piece however was designed by Mira Becker, a Berlin designer who digitally printed two different silk cotton fabrics with actual photos of the slick to create cocktail dresses that will be available for purchase in her CRUBA Berlin store. The designer  plans to donate all of the proceeds to the National Wildlife Federation.


Mira Becker Oil spill cocktail dress


These Fashion pieces will hopefully keep the spill in the minds of the public forever.


Most Powerful Woman in the WORLD….Michelle Obama



Michelle Obama White House Portrait


The First Lady, whose elegance and effortless style has been a fascination to ordinary people and fashion lovers worldwide, was recognized today by Forbes Magazine as the most powerful women in the WORLD. Michelle Obama,’s star out-shined popular musicians Lady Gaga, (No.7) and Beyoncé Knowles (No.9 ). Her brilliance out witted  some of the worlds’ most innovative and influential business executives, Indra Nooyi ( No.6) Chairperson and Chief Executive of PepsiCo., and political leaders,Cristina Fernández the President of Argentina ( No.68) on Forbes prestigious list.


Cristina Fernández President of Argentina


Obama even topped the list ahead of  the woman who is arguably the most influential person in the media, Oprah Winfrey who is No. 3 on the list. She even





Forbes say the 2010 list is one that  “look up and out into the broader culture.”  It is based on creative influence and entrepreneurship. This, they say, explains to anyone who question why Ellen DeGeneres (N0.10) could be ahead of our Secretary of State. Hilary Clinton is No. 5 on the list.

The First Lady who is already considered a fashion icon has added even more to her legacy as one of the most powerful, influential and fashionable First Lady in American and World history.

“These power women have built distinctive companies and brands and championed weighty causes, sometimes through unconventional means; in other cases they have broken through gender barriers.”We divided our power women candidates into four groups: politics, business, media and lifestyle (that is, entertainment, sports and fashion). We ranked the women in each group, and then group against group. Not easy, but that’s today’s reality: an unpredictable, diverse mash-up of hard power (currencies and constitutions) and dynamic power (audience and audacity).”- Forbes


The First Lady on the cover of Time Magazine




The First Lady who is already considered a fashion icon has added even more to her legacy as one of the most powerful, influential and fashionable First Lady in American and World history.