Receding Hairline can put Politicians in Hairy Situation

John Cafferty

” Political candidates with good hair have a much better chance of being elected than candidates with bad hair, whether either of them knows anything about the issues.”- John Cafferty, CNN

In a recent op-ed piece by the, longtime ,CNN political commentator, Cafferty, looked at the value voters place on  the physical appearance of political candidates. This should not come as a surprise to any but it may to some. According to Cafferty, a 2010 MIT study published in the  journal “World Politics” shows that people vote for politicians just because they “look the part.”

YUP! Voters will  cast a ballot for someone simply because they look smart, competent or attractive.

According to the study the idea that voters will use the way candidates look to help them determine whom to vote for, is not just an American phenomenon.

” In their study, more than 600 participants in the United States and India were shown pictures of candidates in 120 Mexican and Brazilian races. Then they were asked who would do a better job in office.”

According to the researchers, “Ever since Aristotle, people have written about the concern that charismatic leaders who speak well and look good can sway votes even if they do not share the people’s views.”

Here is Cafferty’s take on this idea:

” The fact that voters across the world in the 21st century, with all the problems we face, could be exercising their democratic right based on nothing more than good hair or a nice smile is downright frightening.”

What do you think? Is it indeed a scary thought that looks play such an important role in democracy?

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