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Obama talks style

The First Couple shares a kiss

There is something absolutely heart warming about a man gushing about his wife’s sense of fashion. It’s music to a fashionista’s ears, President Obama did that and more in a recent interview with Barbara Walters.

The president said he appreciated his wife’s style choices: “I do. I notice what she’s wearing.”

To hear and read  more of what the president had to say about his fashionable wife among other interesting topics click the link below.

“A Barbara Walters Special: A Thanksgiving Visit with President and Mrs. Obama”


GQ names Stephen Colbert ‘Patriot of the year’

Stephen Colbert "Patriot of the Year"

Outfit description: Wool suit, $1,095, and tie, $95, by Calvin Klein Collection. Shirt, $275, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Cuff links, $150, by Paul Stuart. Pocket square, $150, by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture.

Stephen Colbert is the host and executive producer of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series on Comedy Central, “The Colbert Report.” The funny man and political commentator Stephen Colbert was named one of the most outstanding  cover subjects of the year by GQ Magazine. The Comedian known nation wide for his jabs at politicians on the left and right is also a very stylish dresser. Check out a few of his looks below.

Stephen Colbert

1. Colbert looking very patriotic in a navy blue suit paired with a red, white and blue tie

Stephen Colbert

2. One of my favorite looks, whats more patriotic that American flag badges?? lol


3. Dashing in a tux!


Michelle Obama makes Vogue’s ‘Best Dressed List’ of 2010

Vogue Magazine Cover

The First Lady’s style has been admired from the time she was thrust onto the political scene as the wife of then presidential hopeful, Barack Obama.  The First Lady of style in politics has since been featured in countless fashion magazines and TV shows. On November 15 Vogue became the latest fashion magazine to feature Michelle Obama, naming her No. 3 on their Best Dressed of 2010 list.

Michelle Obama

Andre Leon Talley: Former editor-at-large of Vogue

“Style is not an afterthought to this wife and mother committed to national service; whether she is frolicking on the White House lawn in Converse or at an awards dinner in Michael Kors scarlet chiffon, she always looks elegant and appropriate to the occasion and to our modern times. Obama has made an interest in and love of fashion — having fun with it, the way it can make one feel good about oneself — accessible to all. But beyond her wardrobe, it is her confidence, sense of purpose, and grace she wears best of all.”


Politico’s Crushworthy new reps

With a new group of  members elected and re-elected to the US House of Representative the nation’s capitol will soon have a brand new group of fashionistas and fashionmistas as well as fascinating people to keep us entertained, delighted and even smitten by what see. Writers at just released their top 1o list of whom to keep an eye out for in January, here’s a few members that appeared on the list and the reasons why they are considered “crushworthy .”
1.  Frederica Wilson (D-Florida, 17th District)

Frederica Wilson

Why? According to,She’s got a signature style. At a time when most of the world seems to be dressing down, Wilson goes the extra sartorial mile with her fabulous hats.” The former high school principal and state senator is sure to make multiple appearances in fashion blogs and magazines for her invigorating sense of fashion that will spice up the boring old suits we are so used to seeing in D.C.

2. Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois, 11th District)

Adam Kinzinger

Why? Kinzinger is a former pilot and  Iraq war veteran who in 2007  won the U.S. Air Force Airman’s Medal for saving a woman’s life. He is young ( 32) and super handsome and did I mention a war hero?!?

3. Cedric Richmond (D-Louisiana, 2nd District)

Cedric Richmond

Why? Uhh yum…take a good long look at the effortless style and cool confidence  exuding from the above photograph…Do you get it now? …mmm yeah. But looks and fashion aside the Congressman elect according to Politico is  “kid-friendly” he coaches high school baseball and basketball. What a man!


Kristi Noem

Why? An absolutely gorgeous woman who cares about animals and knows a thing or two about fashion. According to Politico “she spends much of her free time tending to the horses and cattle on her family’s Castlewood, S.D. acreage.” Take a look at her Thank you message below and see her beauty up close!

5. Colleen Hanabusa (D-Hawaii, 1st District)

Colleen Hanabusa with supportersWhy? According to Politico ” she spearheaded Hillary Clinton’s Hawaii campaign in 2008, and was the first Asian-American woman to serve as president of the Hawaii state Senate.” She is a breath of fresh Hawaiian air bringing with her the calm and serenity of the islands.

Take a look at the article on Politico .com to see who else made the list!


The Obama’s showcase exotic Fashion on Asia trip

US President Barack Obama (R) and First Lady Michelle Obama (L) arrive at the Mumbai International Airport on November 6, 2010.

The Obamas have been on a trip to Southeast Asia for the last few days where they have been trying to encourage countries in the region to engage in trade and diplomacy  with the US. Success  could mean jobs for citizens back at home. Making stops in India, Indonesia, South Korea, the trip will conclude in Japan. Here’s  a look at  a few pieces  the First Couple of Fashion wore on their 10-day Asia tour.


The 1st Lady wore a traditional Indian skirt at a State dinner.

The President is as handsome as ever in a classic tailored black suit.

S President Barack Obama (2nd R) shakes hands with Indian President Pratibha Patil (2nd L) as US First Lady Michelle Obama (R) and Indian President's husband Devisingh Patil (L) look on.



The 1st couple visits Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

The 1st Lady wore a headscarf to respect of the citizens of the country that boasts the greatest populations of Muslims.


Mosque in Jakarta

Effortless Style

The Obama

Check out the Obama’s Boogie in India

LOL he is so cute but clearly not the best dancer!


Fashion and Politics with Dan Malloy

While we anxiously wait for the man we already know won the Gubernatorial race to take his place as the new Governor of CT. Here is a taste of what to expect- at least when it comes to fashion- from Gov elect Dan Malloy.

Governor and Lieutenant Gov. Elect Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman

Check out his style and charisma!


Pelosi may bring sophisticated style to House minority leadership

Nancy Pelosi

The Speaker of the House and political  fashionista is at a crossroad in her career. After losing the House majority to the Republicans in  the November 2nd general elections on Tuesday,  Pelosi is considering whether she should strut her Manolo Blahniks into the seat of House minority leader.

The Obamas and Pelosi

” Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling fellow Democrats as she weighs whether to stay in leadership and run for minority leader after losing control of the House Tuesday night, according to two senior Democratic aides and one lawmaker. “-

On Wednsday Pelosi told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer that she would be “talking to my members …” and would announce her decision when she finishes that process.”