Fashion on the Campaign Trail

The 2010 congressional and gubernatorial races are heating up and getting dirty. With candidates engaging in mud slinging, name calling and even the occasional verbal threat, one can hardly believe it  has yet to come to physical blows. Despite the filthy politics, candidates are keeping it polished and crisp when it comes to  their physical appearance. Among all the important attributes we expect our candidates to embody, one factor, though superficial as it may seem, is an appealing and impeccable  physical appearance. Whether it is a handsome or beautiful person or just some one who looks put together, we judge the competence of our leaders not only on what we believe they can bring to their constituents if elected by also based on physical attributes the posses. This campaign season a few candidates are ahead of the pack when in comes to their sense of fashion!

These are just few of the most fashionable candidates that are currently or where formally on the campaign trail. Who do you think should make the list?!

Incumbent Governor. Deval Patrick (D) Mass

Gov. Deval Patrick (D Mass.) is in a tight race  three way race for governor of the New England state. First elected in 2006, Gov. Patrick became the first African American to be elected governor of Massachusetts. The governor who served as President Clinton’s Assistant Attorney General is known for his charisma and and easy going personality, but if he political etiquette is as his appealing as  keen sense of fashion, I can see why he was able to win 49% of votes in a three way race for the governorship in 2006.

Carly Fiorina Republican candidate for California's Senate

Carly Fiorina is a former CEO of Hewlett Packard who served from 1999-2005. The  Republican candidate will compete against Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer for  one of California’s Senate seat. Fiorina, a breast cancer survivor, is not afraid to showcase  her taste in fashion. She wears her hair in a chic cropped cut , a result of chemotherapy, that highlights her face and says I mean business and yes I’m an attractive woman…deal with it! The fashionable candidate was famously caught , while preparing for and interview,making catty comments about her opponent’s hairstyle when a microphone she thought was turned off picked up her entire conversation:

Daniel Malloy candidate for governor of Connecticut

Daniel Malloy is the former mayor of Stamford Connecticut who is competing for the state’s governorship. Malloy served four terms as the city’s mayor, the longest term ever served, where his ability to work issues out in a thoughtful and practical manner allowed him to gain the respect of his constituents. Though Malloy is in a tight race he remains cool clam and collected. Exuding effortless style and elegance in politics and fashion, Malloy is probably the most fashionable candidate in Connecticut.


Angela McGlowan former Republican candiate for Congress in Mississippi

Angela McGlowan is one of  the casualties of the 2010 Congressional campaign. Though she lost the  Mississippi primaries, McGlowan made my list best dressed on the 2010 campaign trail because of her impeccable taste in fashion.

This is just a short list of my thoughts of  the best dressed on the 2010 campaign trail. Tell me your thoughts, who do you think should make the list?


2 Responses to “Fashion on the Campaign Trail”

  1. October 4, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    FANTASTIC! Tying your beat into current events is always a good thing to try and do!

  2. 2 Maura
    October 6, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    ruthie, good stuff! this is a side of politics that doesn’t get as much attention from the media but is definitely a concern in the political world, if you don’t have the look you don’t have the vote. i love your bog!

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