The Clintion vs Palin School of FAshion

IS  there a prototypical uniform all women seeking political office must adopt in order to be taken seriously? The “Thursday Styles” section of the October 21 New York Times featured an article that explored how female candidates , and voters, view public Image. In the article “, The Fashion Conservatives,” by Ruth La Ferla the showdown between curve-embracing femininity and traditional corporate- inspired masculinity is one where those with a more conservative approach have an edge, conservative fashion sense that is.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin embarces femininity

” On their own stream- or perhaps at the suggestion of a battery of campaign advisers – the majority of candidates are retreating as they have for decades, to the relative safety of an anodyne uniform. Understated to a fault, its chief components are a formless suit, flat or low-heeled shoes and a noncommittal hairstyle. It’s a brusquely masculine image tempered occasionally by a strand of pearls and dainty, never dangly, earrings (the latter deemed too distracting for television cameras).”- Ruth La Ferla

Sarah Palin rocks knee-high boots curve hugging pencil skirts

When Sarah Palin made her national debut as a Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008, she introduced a new kind of fashion to the political arena. One where tailored pants suits, sensible shoes  and short coifs were replaced with designer duds, knee-high boots and bouncy shoulder length locks. Though many candidates have followed her lead and opted for this  more modern look, most have taken their fashion cues from ” smartly tailored” role models like Hilliary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Ironically  the candidates embracing the more conservative look are the deep blue liberal where as the deep red conservatives are enthusiastically embracing the “Palin look.” Republican candidates like Niki Haley of South Carolina and Christine O’Donnell of Delaware as well as Carly Fiorina, who has a chic style all her, have opted for  fashion pieces that accentuate there femininity and makes a the statement, ” I’m a woman with a passion for politics and fashion.”

Secretary Hillary Clinton embraces chic conservative fashion

That is not to say the Democrats are any less fashion oriented than their Republican counterparts. That’s quite the contrary, though the Dems prefer the more conservative ,tailored look they too set fashion trends that many women try to emulate in boardrooms and corporate offices all over the country. The look that says “, don’t I make corporate chic look oh so g00d?”


2 Responses to “The Clintion vs Palin School of FAshion”

  1. 1 ricksrss
    October 25, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Good! How about a post on what candidates should wear to the polls on Election Day!

  2. 2 Valeria
    November 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Ruthie I think it would be awesome to know some of the favorite brands of ladies in power. Maybe you can do a little digging and tell us where we can get their looks? ❤ Awesome job with your blog Ruthie!

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