Gulf oil spill seeps into Fashion

The British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 2o, 2010, was recognized as the worst spill in U.S. history, over- taking the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill off the coast of Prince William Sound, Alaska.The country watched,helplessly, as millions of barrels of oil poured into the ocean and  contaminated the fragile ecosystem of Louisiana’s marshes. The spill, which was widely reported to be a result of  “negligence and wilful misconduct” on the part of the multi-billion dollar company, killed 11 men who worked aboard the Deep Horizon oil tanker ,which explosion lead to the  country’s biggest environmental disaster to date.


Deepwater Horizon


Though the oil has been capped for months the effects of the spill will linger for years. Many environmental activist groups like Greenpeace and the National Wildlife Federation are working tirelessly to keep the public’s attention on the spill and the future dangers it presents.  Fashion designers from around the world have also found ways to keep the spill on the minds of the public. With oil-themed creations from oil stained shoes and dresses to T-shirts with strong messages about the  disaster and the danger it poses to wildlife. Fashion is once again stepping into the political arena the only way it knows how, making a statement.


Bed Stü's Oil Spill Collection


Bed Stü, a high-end shoe maker based in Brooklyn, used the spill as an inspiration to create limited edition faux oil-stained “Gulf Coast Cleanup Shoes,” which will debut in November. American Fashion designer,  designed T-shirst ( retailed at $35) that read “I clean up well. Support the Gulf.  The word “well” is covered in oil.


Kenneth Cole Gulf spill inspired T-shirt


The most creative fashion inspired oil spill piece however was designed by Mira Becker, a Berlin designer who digitally printed two different silk cotton fabrics with actual photos of the slick to create cocktail dresses that will be available for purchase in her CRUBA Berlin store. The designer  plans to donate all of the proceeds to the National Wildlife Federation.


Mira Becker Oil spill cocktail dress


These Fashion pieces will hopefully keep the spill in the minds of the public forever.


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