Which politician would you want to date?

According to a poll conducted by  Zoosk, an online dating site. The most “datable” politicians were a mix that included the tall, dark and handsome as well as  brains and beauty queens.  Zoosk polled 1,000 singles about politics and love to find out which politicians they thought were the most datable .

For anyone that follows politics some of the findings were not particularly surprising, others…well…Ill just have you judge for yourself.



Mayor Gavin Newsome, San Francisco


Gavin Newsome, the mayor and 2010 Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California, was deemed the most datable. The tall ,( 6′ 3″) handsome former college baseball player received 33 percent of the female vote.  The [gorgeous] mayor is known for his accomplishments in office as well as…uhh…  other activities.

“After only 36 days as mayor, Newsom gained worldwide attention when he granted marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This bold move set the tone for Newsom’s first term. Under his energetic leadership, the economy grew and jobs were created. The city became a center for biotech and clean tech. He initiated a plan to bring universal health care to all of the city’s uninsured residents. And Newsom aggressively pursued local solutions to global climate change.”- City and County of San Fransisco, Mayor’s Office


Mayor Gavin Newsome


After his divorce, Newsom was forced to publicly admit in 2006 that he had an affair with his campaign manager’s wife. The woman had disclosed the infidelity to her husband, who had also served as Newsom’s deputy chief of staff. In a press conference admitting to the affair, Newsom also said he was getting treatment for alcohol abuse.” Katie Pickert, Time reporter

#2. Mr. President


President Barack Obama


The Zoosk poll ranked the “”hottie with a smokin’ little body,””, as he was described by Luann Haley of Buffalo NY on a visit to the town in  May, as the 2nd most datable politician with 24 percent of the votes.

#3 Sexy Senator??


Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass


The junior senator was ranked 3rd in the Zoosk poll with 15 percent of the vote as the most datable politician Brown, a tea-party favorite who won the seat that once belonged to longtime Massachusetts Senator, Ted Kennedy, was once a ” America’s Sexiest Man” centerfold for Cosmopolitan Magazine in June 1982.


Sen. Scott Brown Cosmo Spread June 1982


Rounding of the Zoosk poll of most datable politicians were California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger with 14 percent and former senator and presidential candidate, John Edwards at 5 percent. Not sure how that happened I personally don’t find anything particularly appeal about either men…well I like Edwards hair. It’s quite geometrically portioned…

What do you think? Do you agrees with the Zoosk poll? Who do you think is the most datable politician?

**Stay tuned for the Zoosk most datable politician poll…Women edition


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  1. October 20, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Good! You should leave a comment or two on some political blogs with a link back to your blog to see if you can pick up some new traffic!

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