The Obama’s showcase exotic Fashion on Asia trip

US President Barack Obama (R) and First Lady Michelle Obama (L) arrive at the Mumbai International Airport on November 6, 2010.

The Obamas have been on a trip to Southeast Asia for the last few days where they have been trying to encourage countries in the region to engage in trade and diplomacy  with the US. Success  could mean jobs for citizens back at home. Making stops in India, Indonesia, South Korea, the trip will conclude in Japan. Here’s  a look at  a few pieces  the First Couple of Fashion wore on their 10-day Asia tour.


The 1st Lady wore a traditional Indian skirt at a State dinner.

The President is as handsome as ever in a classic tailored black suit.

S President Barack Obama (2nd R) shakes hands with Indian President Pratibha Patil (2nd L) as US First Lady Michelle Obama (R) and Indian President's husband Devisingh Patil (L) look on.



The 1st couple visits Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

The 1st Lady wore a headscarf to respect of the citizens of the country that boasts the greatest populations of Muslims.


Mosque in Jakarta

Effortless Style

The Obama

Check out the Obama’s Boogie in India

LOL he is so cute but clearly not the best dancer!


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