When Fashion makes a political statement

Fashion has always had the ability to stir up emotions and debates in American society. When  the media and politics are added to the mix the results can lead to an all out war of words and ideas of whats appropriate and whats taboo . Earlier this month Inez Sainz, a Mexican reporter, made headlines after she was reportedly subjected to verbal harassment in the locker room of the New York Jets by members of the team. The TV Azteca sports reporter  who was at a Jets training camp to interview Mexican American quarterback Mark Sanchez, tweeted to her followers that she felt “uncomfortable” with the unwanted attention she was receiving from some of the team’s players. The Association for Women in Sports Medias got involved, with no consent from Sainz, and demanded the NFL and Jets owners launch an investigation into the alleged sexual harassment which was said to have been caught on tape by other reporters. The involvement of AWSM turned the obscure issue into headline news. Additionally, a picture tweeted by Sainz the day of the Jets incident, showing what she wore during her interview,  added fuel to the brewing debate and raised questions of the appropriateness of Sainz, sexy sense of style while reporting.

Ines Sainz tweeted this picture the day of Jets incident.

Other pictures quickly surfaced, some from her station’s website, that showed Sianz in even more revealing clothing and sexually suggestive poses, thus fueling a debate over whether her fashion choices beaconed the catcalls and harassment aimed at her in the Jets locker room.

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz at a soccer game

Sainz appeared on many news programs including NBSC’s”TODAY SHOW” and CBS’S The Early Show, to defend not only her choice in fashion, saying that in her nine years of reporting she’s never faced criticism in her native country for her choice of clothing,but also to distance herself from the AWSM who she seemed to have thought turned the issue into the spectacle it became.

One of the pictures displayed on TV Azteca

Fashion, even in the world of sports, always seems to have a bit of politics.

Though I believe a woman should have the freedom to wear what ever she wishes to, there is a certain level of professionalism that must be maintained in journalism. This profession, especially sports journalism, has traditionally be a male dominated field, wearing revealing clothing does nothing to advance the roles women play in journalism, in fact, this only serves as a distraction from the more important issues journalist should be reporting on. There is nothing wrong with a woman celebrating her beauty but like everything else in life, from fashion to politics, moderation is key!


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